September 22, 2015 by Jorge Watts

How to Start Your Own Assisted Living Business

Starting your own assisted living business is something that requires a great deal of commitment. You must truly want to help seniors in order to move forward with such a complicated and detailed business. An assisted living business may provide assistance in the form of ensuring a patient receives proper medications, the preparing of meals, assisting the seniors with exercise, and other tasks.

If you are ready to start your own assisted living business, then look over the following suggestions.

#1 – Obtain a License

regulation-documentsYou will likely need a specialized license in order to provide assisted living services. This often requires an orientation and possibly even classes and a certification. These classes or the orientation will provide you with details about how to ensure you are offering the best care possible. Some of the information that you will learn includes the number of seniors you are allowed to care for or house in your facility and details about how facility inspections work.

#2 – Create Your Business Structure

Decide whether you are going to operate your assisted living facility as an LLC, a corporation, or as a sole proprietor. When deciding on your business structure, create a detailed business plan. A major part of your business plan will be your operating costs. Determine all the costs involved, including costs for licensing, registration, renting a facility, medical equipment, hiring employees, and any other costs that you can think of.

#3 – Choose a Location

Next, you will choose a location for your facility. You may decide to build a new facility or convert an existing location. While obtaining your license, you will learn more about the requirements for the facility. The facility will need to able to pass the inspections handled by the state of Georgia.  Every area of the facility will be open to inspection, including the living quarters and offices. 

#4 – Hire Staff Members

It is highly unlikely that you will operate your assisted living facility on your own. You will need to hire staff members to care for the seniors living in your facility. They will most likely need to have specific licenses or certifications, depending on their job requirements. For example, you may need to hire qualified nurses to ensure the proper care of your residents. Check with local employment agencies to find qualified staff members.

#5 – Obtain Financing

To keep your facility open, you will need funding. When you attempt to obtain financing, try to have at least 6 months of operating expenses available. In fact, this may even be a requirement, before you can obtain a license to operate your assisted living facility.

Go over your business plan and make sure that all of your details concerning costs are accurate and show the potential profit of operating your business. Banks will determine how much of a risk is involved with your business plan, before agreeing to loan you the money.

If you decide to start your own assisted living Atlanta business, you will have a lot to consider. You, and your staff members, may need special licenses or certifications. You will also need to find a suitable location that meets all of the state requirements for senior care. A business plan and financing are also crucial to starting a new business.

Remember these suggestions, as you plan your assisted living business, and get ready to improve the quality of life of your senior residents.