December 10, 2015 by Jorge Watts

Essential Things To Look For In A Bookkeeper



The right bookkeeping service or expert will depend on so many things like the type and size of your business. What worked for other business may not be that ideal for your business. This is why it is crucial to really understand your business and your financial situation so you can find the right service and the right person for the job.


Bookkeeping service is a complicated task that requires education and training. When hiring a bookkeeper, it is important that the person has certain level of formal education in the field of business, accounting, or other related courses.

Through proper education, a bookkeeper must already have the basics in bookkeeping in terms of procedures, policies and ethics.


Some small business owners think that they do not need a well-experienced bookkeeper, yet, since they only run a small business. If you are running a small business, you are actually in greater need for a well-experienced and really reliable bookkeeper especially if you have limited bookkeeping skills.

You need the best service from a highly-experienced bookkeeper like the financial team of Controlligence to help you grow your small business. However, keep in mind that a long experience does not automatically means it is the best fit for your business. Someone with a long bookkeeping experience in the construction business may not be the best fit for your food business.

Online Access

In this digital era, being able to conduct transactions over the internet is already an essential part of businesses and that also includes bookkeeping services and solutions. For efficient bookkeeping, it is essential that your bookkeeping and accounting systems can allow you to do these processes online with the highest security as possible.

Your bookkeeper should also be updated with these latest systems and solutions, and know how to effectively use these technologies to provide the best bookkeeping services for your business.

Reports And Updates

The main reason why you have bookkeeping for your business is to better understand the financial situation of your business. It is not just about encoding numbers but most importantly, these numbers provide business owners essential information about the business.

With these numbers, you can also make predictions on where your business is going and predict possible problems.

This is why regular updates and reports through bookkeeping services are critical. Your bookkeeper should be able to provide you accurate and regular reports and updates so you can make decisions based on facts and data.

Tax Preparation

Tax is a key component of running a business. You need to plan tax payments for your business and must have a good tax planning so you can properly pay business taxes on time to avoid penalties, and to effectively address problems in case you encounter errors.

When looking for a bookkeeping service, make sure that your bookkeeping solution includes tax planning. Your bookkeeper should also be adept in terms of tax planning and preparation so you can pay your taxes properly and manage your finances wisely especially if your business is already growing.