May 10, 2016 by Jorge Watts

Careful Planning Makes Moving Easier

MovingThere is no easy way with moving be it for personal or professional reasons. As there’s not much going around in making it lighter, it becomes tolerable and less overwhelming if you have the best recommendations to make it efficient and much easier.

There is a lot of details involved, a lot of coordination and a checklist will be very handy. Having a guide and to-do list ease a lot of the work on what has been done versus what else had to be ticked off from the list.

Preparing Things

Generally, the steps will involve the preparation of all things that will be part of the move, packing and labeling them properly and the inventory management.

In preparation alone, there is so much to consider before the move. Informing your service providers like Abreu Bronx Movers, doing the mail forwarding, packing supplies purchase and so forth are just part of the initial steps. Most of the time will be consumed with packing and unpacking. Experts say, preparing well will do half the job. Many of the sprouting headaches come from poor preparation. Are you lacking enough boxes, did you run out of packaging tape, weren’t you able to count the furniture to be moved correctly? Planning will be very time consuming and detailed but will benefit you on the other end, once you started the move. It makes that process simpler and less stressful.

Way ahead of moving but part of careful planning is informing your service providers and utilities of a change in postal address. Further in advance, give them a call as certain utility companies will not be able to rush your request if the notice is done a day before the move. See if you can fill out a change of address form online and make the necessary request. Make the credit card handy should it be asked for the request verification. This card has to use your present address as the billing information so that a proper request will be validated.

moving boxes

Securing Boxes

Securing the boxes to be used can be looked for and bought in many packing supply stores. Boxes and packaging tapes can easily become a huge expense on your part. Avoid this additional cost by asking around first. If you have relatives or friends who are moving too ahead of your timeline, ask for their used boxes once they’re done.

You can also ask anyone in your office or a friend’s workplace if they can spare you their used boxes.

Should you really need to end up buying, the best source would have to be the furniture stores. Most retailers receive almost daily shipments. These retailers can provide you with enough used boxes in their warehouses. Furniture shops can provide quite a range of sizes to fit your things with. Give them a call in advance, weeks before is recommended, as it takes them days too to stock these used boxes for selling or disposal.


Used But Free
Do take note too that when you get the used but free boxes, they may not be in the best condition already.

If you will be buying moving kits from companies make sure you see the quality of the products first before finalizing your orders. A cheap packaging tape may be inferior in quality that it adds to your hassle when the packing process is underway. No one wants the packaging to give way while in the middle of the move. Items may break or get lost and that is an additional cost and heartache you wouldn’t want to deal with.

When buying supplies don’t forget to include a good quality box cutter. It is an inexpensive tool which you shouldn’t miss out on as it makes unpacking easier than using a pair of scissors or a regular knife.